Fifty East Anglia employers attend Military Leadership course run by reservists

civilians in a park taking instructions from reservists

Fifty potential leaders and employees from East Anglia attended a Military Leadership course at the Royal Norfolk Show Ground.

This free 1-day course is offered exclusively to local employers as part of the Ministry of Defence’s Employer Recognition Scheme. These employers, who have pledged to support Defence people under the Armed Forces Covenant, were offered the opportunity by the East Anglia RFCA Regional Employer Engagement team. 

The leadership day, dubbed Exercise Future Leader by the organisers, the reservists of 3 Royal Anglian Regiment, is a professional development course based on the British Army’s approach to leadership and management.  The activities were designed to build leadership skills, combining theory and practical applications.

The course is delivered entirely by reservists, whose ability to deliver the course highlights the excellent leadership skills they develop in the Armed Forces and the value those skills add in their civilian jobs. 

Alex Minors Senior Compliance Co-ordinator & Rachael Collins Quality Assurance Manager, Explore and Transport Solutions.

“The exercise was great fun. It was a really good opportunity to interact with the military, learn new leadership and communication skills to pass on to the team at work. All ranks, from Officer to private soldiers, were extremely friendly, informative and engaging”.
Alex Minors Senior Compliance Co-ordinator & Rachael Collins Quality Assurance Manager, Explore and Transport Solutions.

Major Rushmere in uniform outside

“This type of employer engagement is essential in showcasing the free world class training available to Reservists and promoting a wider understanding of the transferable skills they offer to employers”.
Major Gav Rushmere (Reservist)
Second in Command, 3 Royal Anglian Regiment

“Leadership is a fundamental skill, both in the military and in civilian management. The leadership course provided a great opportunity for junior and middle managers from forces-friendly employers to get a taste of military leadership,” said Major Gavin Rushmere, a reservist with 3 Royal Anglian Regiment.

Projects and practical tasks require leadership, direction and effective management of people and resources. The reservists brought this to life in a practical, fun and challenging way, through a series of command tasks. Delegates were encouraged to cooperate together, developing team building and identifying leadership qualities.

Molly McMaster, an Engineer at Volkerwessels Ltd

“The leadership course provided us with a real insight into the core values and standards that shape modern military leaders. It was good to learn about some of the ethical policies and diversity which the Army has embraced” reported Molly McMaster, an Engineer at Volkerwessels Ltd. The Army has a clear and well-defined leadership code, based on a series of key behaviours underpinned by a strong set of values and standards, which together form military ethos. These values and standards formed the basis for group discussion when considering good leadership qualities.

Colour Sergeant Babou Cham (Permanent Staff Instructor) Communications 3 Royal Anglian Regiment

An introduction to military communication systems invited those taking part to step outside of their comfort zone.
“Only with clear and trusted communications can commanders support, control, and lead their units and soldiers. Communications have always been a vital part of the Army’s fighting power, ” said Colour Sergeant Babou Cham (Permanent Staff Instructor) Communications 3 Royal Anglian Regiment, who led the team-building and leadership task on communications.

“Leadership is inspiring everyone to strive to be the very best they can be. Leading by example means personally demonstrating and reflecting the behaviour you want to see in your team members”
Eiro Igue (Civilian Employee) Discharge Pharmacist James Paget University Hospitals

All of the participants are currently in or aspiring to management positions in their workplace and they were selected by their employer to attend the event in order to gain new perspectives, ideas and leadership skills that are transferable to their workplace. 
Similar events are run by selected Army Reserve Units at different locations across the East Midlands & East Anglia. To find out more about upcoming courses and express interest in sending members of your team to one of these events, please contact our Regional Employer Engagement team.

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