School Cadet Engagement

The School Cadet Engagement Officer (SCEO) provides Contingent Commanders and school SLT members with advice, practical support, guidance and encouragement to grow their cadet units for the long term.

The government announced its cadet expansion plan in 2012, which aimed to have up to 100 more cadet units in state-funded schools by 2015.  Then in 2015, the Chancellor renewed his pledge, this time to create cadet forces in 500 independent and state-funded schools by 2020.  Currently, the Government’s ambition is to maintain the number of CCF units while increasing the number of cadets in school units to 60,000 by 2024.

Jimmy Duggan is the East Anglia School Cadet Engagement Officer. 
Office telephone number: 01245 951473
Mobile telephone number: 07920195129

Contingent Commander contact form

Latest news from East Anglia CCF units

Combined Cadet Force Videos from the 2024 Be More campaign

Contact us for more information about how you can use the “Be More” CCF resources to boost your unit.

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