About Us

East Anglia RFCA is one of 13 individual Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Associations which cover the United Kingdom. The Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Associations were formed in 1908, and until 1999 they were known as Territorial, Auxiliary and Volunteer Reserve Associations (TAVRAs). Today, the RFCAs are central government bodies set up by statute with Crown status. 

The 13 RFCAs are autonomous from the Chains of Command with some centralised functions provided by the Council of Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Associations (CRFCA). Army Top-Level Budget (TLB) grants to RFCAs are governed by Service Level Agreements set by Chief of Defence People and Chief Executive CRFCA, from which the latter provides each RFCA with a Business Plan which is reviewed quarterly. The RFCA Review 2019 made a number of recommendations for restructuring. An MOD Reform team is developing the proposals with colleagues across government and working closely with the Associations to determine the future framework and structure of a strengthened RFCA.

We are a membership organisation and our members build relationships and forge understanding between the military and local communities. Our members come from a broad range of backgrounds and include the Commanding Officers of Reserve and Cadet units in the region, serving or retired Reserve and Regular personnel and representatives from local government, employers, employees and education.

Our Core Purpose

The RFCAs maintain the estate to the required legal standard, ensuring that all sites are kept in good condition, fit for purpose and secure through good project and facilities management. The RFCAs are responsible on behalf of the Ministry of Defence (MOD) for the upkeep of 460 Reserve Forces’ sites and 2,300 Cadet sites. In East Anglia, our professionally qualified team manage an estate comprised of 14 Army Reserve Centres and 200 Cadet sites, totalling 500 individual buildings and acres of land.

The RFCAs provide the support requirements for the delivery of the Army Cadet experience by providing: the permanent support staff who maintain and run the army cadet county HQs, the safety assurance staff who ensure safe training , the material support through the buildings and training areas that cadets use for their activities and financial support to deliver those activities.

The RFCAs provide guidance and advice to employers of reservists, via our regional Employer Engagement team with funding by the MOD for the Defence Relationship Management group. The team provides advice for employers of reservists, promotes the Armed Forces Covenant and improves the understanding of the Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ contribution to the nation and our area to employers headquartered in East Anglia.

The RFCA support the MOD by providing visibility of reserve and cadet issues and solutions. We have a statutory role to report to ministers annually on the condition of the Cadet Forces and the condition of the Reserve Forces.

Our Vision

The RFCA’s vision is to be the essential, effective and enduring partner that supports Reserves, Cadets and the wider Armed Forces community.

Our Values

We aim to embody our organisational values of Teamwork, Customer Service and Value for Money.

Our Team

From our volunteer members across the region, through our surveyors and engagement specialists in our main Chelmsford office, to the permanent staff we employ at the Army Cadet Forces’ county headquarters, the RFCA’s team is dedicated to serving Reserves and Cadets across East Anglia. Meet some of our staff and members here.

Our Locations

East Anglia RFCA services Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk and the Unitary Authorities of Luton, Peterborough, Southend-on-Sea and Thurrock.

Looking to find out more about the Reserve Forces and Cadets Associations? Visit East Anglia RFCA on gov.uk

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