10% of the best amateur shots in the Army Reserves are Cambridge UOTC Officer Cadets.

Cambridge OTC team

Five Officer Cadets from Cambridge UOTC are now eligible to wear the coveted Army Reserve Top 50 marksmen badge at the outcome of the Army Reserve operational shooting competition in June.

The shooting team at Cambridge University Officer Training Corps (UOTC) won the University Challenge Cup and placed 8th overall. Cambridge UOTC were competing against 14 British Army Reserve shooting teams, at Pirbright Ranges in Surrey, who had all already won various Divisional, Brigade or Regimental operational shooting competitions.

Cambridge UOTC first won the University Challenge Cup at its inauguration in 1852. The unit has a rich history of marksmanship stretching back to 1803; undergraduates raised a corps of rifle volunteers when Great Britain was threatened with invasion from France. To this day, the CO of CUOTC is the Hon President of the Cambridge University Long Range Rifle Club.

In addition to the 5 Officer Cadets from Cambridge who came in the Top 50 marksmen of the annual competition, two further Officer Cadets were just outside the Top 50, coming 51st and 57th.

OCdt Denham (Cambridge University) came an incredible 21st and will be invited to train with the British Army (Reserves) shooting team. This means that 10% of the best amateur shots in the British Army Reserve (2023) are students and members of Cambridge UOTC.

The CUOTC shooting team were selected from the best shots who took part in a 2 week shooting camp, and were fortunate enough to receive coaching from the Omani Army shooting team.

Cambridge UOTC at shooting camp with Omani Army shooting team

East Anglia RFCA maintains the buildings at Coldhams Lane Cambridge Army Reserve Centre, where Cambridge UOTC is based. Cambridge UOTC Officer Cadet Black at Shooting Camp in Altcar was featured on the front cover of our Annual Report for 22-23. Recent updates to the site contribute to the recruitment and retention of Officer Cadets for the unit, who strive to offer the best facilities for Officer Cadets to work and train in.

Cambridge UOTC soldiers mess
Cambridge UOTC lounge

Team Picture: Team Manager – WO2 Warren, assisted by Capt Crisp. Team members: JUO Allen (Cantab), JUO Ballard (UEA), OCdt Goulbourne (UEA), OCdt Denham (Cantab), OCdt O’Brien (Cantab), OCdt Carter (ARU), JUO Llewellyn (ARU), OCdt Sellick (UEA).

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