Our beginner’s guide to Reserves Day at work

We’ve collated this easy-to-use guide to taking part in Reserves Day.

This comprehensive guide is especially useful for businesses who have never taken part in Reserves Day at work, and want to have everything they need in one place. 

For the more seasoned Reserves Day campaigners, preparations will already be well underway; but it’s not too late to take part and support Reserves Day on the 27th, and Armed Forces Day on the 30th. 

It can be daunting to try and get participation at work for a national awareness campaign like Reserves Day. “Where do I start?” “What are we actually supposed to do?”

Our guide for businesses gives you all the answers. We’ve included examples internal email, company website or blog post, Twitter posts, and press release to make it really easy to make the most of the media opportunity surrounding Reserves Day and Armed Forces Day. 

So that everything is in one place, we’ve also included links to official resources, a checklist and a step-by-step activity plan.  

Download our beginner’s guide to Reserves Day at work now and show your appreciation for the integral part that Reservists play in the UK’s Defence capability.

Reserves Day Guide for business

Here at the RFCA for East Anglia, we’ve sent this guide to the businesses we’re in contact with across East Anglia, as well as our network of local influencers, so that we can reach as many employers as possible to raise awareness of Reserves Day and of the benefits Reservist bring to the workplace. 

We’ve interviewed some of our Reservists who live and work in East Anglia, and those interviews will be released on Reserves Day to the press like last year, plus we’ve created fresh content for Reserves Day on our website and on social media.  


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