Reserves Day 2018

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Celebrating Reserves Day 2018 on Wednesday 27th June 2018.

Reserves Day 2018 is a chance to recognise and appreciate the integral part that Reservists play in the UK’s Defence capability.

32,240 Reservists are committing their spare time, balancing their day jobs and family life with a military career, to be ready to serve should their country need them.

To ensure that Reservists are understood and appreciated, the Ministry of Defence invites Reservists to wear their uniform to work for one special day each year during Armed Forces Week, and encourages businesses to highlight the benefits of Reserve service to their workforce.

With this initiative, the Ministry of Defence aims to:
• Increase the favourability of Reservists amongst employers.
• Highlight to potential Reservists the compatibility between work and military life

Reserves Day 2018 is part of Armed Forces Week, culminating in a national Armed Forces Day event in Llandudno, North Wales on Saturday 30th June.



As an employer, what can I do to support Reserves Day 2018?

If you are an employer of Reservists, you can support Reserves Day firstly by encouraging your employees who are Reservists to wear their uniform at work.

Everyone can take part in one way or another. Here are some ideas – check out the easy to use Toolkit for loads of resources:

Put up posters in the office, place email signature banners on your emails.

Post an intranet article about the Reserves in your area.

Send a press release to your local paper showing your support for the Reserve Forces.

Host a lunch-time talk featuring your Reservist employees and play a few fun command tasks.

Take part in the @DRMSupport  #ReservesDay #SaluteOurForces social media campaign.

Sign the Armed Forces Covenant.

Support an Armed Forces Day event local to you.

Display an Armed Forces Day flag outside your office.

We’ve prepared an easy-to-use guide to taking part in Reserves Day for businesses. From drafting an internal email promoting Reserves Day, to where to buy an Armed Forces Day flag, we’ve got you covered! Read the guide now. 


At any one time, there are between 200 and 300 UK Reservists deployed on operations at home and around the world, serving alongside their Regular counterparts. 

Join us in showing appreciation for the ordinary men and women doing extraordinary work protecting the nation’s security at home and overseas.

At the RFCA for East Anglia, we maintain the buildings and facilities the Reserve Forces train in across the region. We also provide advice and assistance to employers of Reservists, particularly with the Employer Recognition Scheme and mobilisation queries. We also provide advice and assistance to the Defence Council on the well-being on the Reserve Forces in the region. 

Take a look back at the Reservists we interviewed for last year’s Reserves Day, and read about the Reservists we’ve met this year:

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