Bob Gibbs volunteers at Royal Norfolk Show

Bob Gibbs standing in smart attire at Royal Norfolk Show

The volunteering ethos runs deep through the RFCA; our work in support of those reservists, cadets and adult volunteers who step forward to help their communities is, for many, in part fuelled by our own sense of duty and pride in volunteering. For Bob Gibbs, our RFCA colleague embedded into the Army Cadet Force as Cadet Executive Officer of Norfolk ACF, this also involves lending a helping hand at the Royal Norfolk Show.

Bob volunteered at the Royal Norfolk Show this week as its Assistant Head Steward of the Joint Operations Centre (Event Control).
“This is only possible because my understanding employer appreciates the value of volunteering to society!” said Bob.

All RFCA employees may be granted up to 6 days special paid leave at the discretion of the Chief Executive to allow staff to undertake voluntary work. The policy even enables up to 18 days special paid leave for those with a public duty (such as a mayor or school governor) or magistrates.

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