Alternative Venues funds extra Reserve and Cadet building projects in East Anglia

East Anglia RFCA earns Regionally Generated Income (RGI) to modernise Reserve and Cadet spaces.

East Anglia RFCA’s commercial wing, Alternative Venues, generates an essential income which supports the further betterment of our estate.
By hiring our venues, client organisations are supporting their local Armed Forces community and aiding the recruitment and retention of Reserves and Cadets.

Over the past five years, Alternative Venues revenue in East Anglia has grown by 90%. This source of Regionally Generated Income (RGI) has made it possible for our RFCA to deliver building and improvement projects to Reserve and Cadet units, who are benefitting from upgraded, modernised, energy efficient spaces within which to work and train.

East Anglia RFCA is funded by several Ministry of Defence and single Services sources to deliver its three mandated output of Estates, Engagement and Cadets & Youth. Our Estates team receive funding to provide statutory and mandatory works, and may receive funding to deliver specific capital expenditure projects.
But any other upgrade projects are only possible thanks to regionally generated income. This year alone, 13 Cadet projects will be delivered using this income, and all of our Reserves units will benefit from significant site welfare upgrades.

Our hiring activity mostly involves business-to-business (B2B) training and conferencing during regular Monday to Friday office hours, so Reserves and Cadet training remains unaffected. Amongst our clients are several local authorities, other uniformed services and privately owned businesses. Clients are able to use either or both our internal and external spaces in accordance with their business needs.

The new Alternative Venues website will showcase the Army Reserve Centres and Cadet sites that are available for hire. Our Business Development Manager, Sarah Bennett, is on hand to receive enquiries about suitable opportunities; please contact her at

Take a look at some of the recent Regionally Generated Income (RGI) funded cadet projects across our estate:

A fully refurbished hut for Army Cadets in Stotfold, Bedfordshire: 

The exterior refurbishment of the Stotfold Cadet hut included:

  • New thermally-efficient double-glazed uPVC windows
  • Pre-painted timber weatherboarding added
  • Removed an old decommissioned tube firing range to provide additional grassed area for outdoor activity
  • Fitted energy-efficient LED floodlights
  • The main entrance gate was replaced to provide additional security
  • To enable wheelchair access, the main entrance was re-located to where they could add a ramp and handrails as well as stepped access

Internally, the Stotfold Cadet hut benefitted from:

  • Office enlarged for the instructors and an extra classroom added
  • Energy-saving LED lighting throughout
  • Replaced doors with fire doors in line with current building regulations
  • Kitchenette and toilet facilities updated (including an accessible toilet)
  • Installed new electric heaters with timers

Read more about the Stotfold Cadet Hut refurbishment.

Chatteris Cadet Hut refurbishment in Cambridgeshire:

Read more about the Chatteris cadet hut refurbishment.

Stevenage Joint Cadet Centre refurbishment in Hertfordshire

Read more about the Stevenage Joint Cadet Centre refurbishment.

Clacton-on-Sea Cadet hut refurbishment in Essex:

Read more about the Clacton-on-Sea cadet hut refurbishment

Gorleston Cadet hut refurbishment:

The refurbishment in Gorleston included:

  • Re-roofing
  • New soffits & facias
  • Composite weatherboarding
  • New windows
  • Internal decoration
  • New Lighting, heating and flooring
  • New fire alarm system
  • New kitchen & sanitary ware
  • Accessibility improvements including ramps and DDA compliant WC facilities

Hadleigh Cadet building refurbishment in Suffolk:

The Hadleigh Cadet building benefitted from RGI with:

  • Repairs to brickwork
  • Refurbished windows
  • Internal & external decorations
  • A new kitchen
  • New flooring

None of the projects above could have been possible without regionally generated income. To find out more about how our funding was allocated last year, see our annual report for the 21-22 financial year.

Visit new Alternative Venues website and take a peak inside the Army Reserve Centres available for hire.

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