Visit to Bedfordshire Armed Policing Unit

134 (Bedford) Squadron had the pleasure of being hosted by Armed Policing Unit at Bedfordshire Police HQ, Kempston on Thursday 13th March.

PC Phil Mann, an instructor and father of one of the Cadets on the Squadron, delivered an outstanding presentation on the roles and responsibilities of the Police Service and namely the Armed Policing Unit (APU). The Cadets were able to watch videos of range practices and the training tactics the APU use to conduct their job.

The Squadron SNCO IC FS Tye (ATC) said “As part of our Squadron’s ongoing policy to keep our cadets informed of the latest military roles available to them we feel it is as important to show what public services opportunities there are, and to provide an interesting training programme, we were very fortunate to have PC Mann to give up his valuable spare time to talk to us.

The cadets now have a much better understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the Police as a whole, together with an appreciation of the skills that are required.”

The cadets then spent the second half of the evening handling the weapons and trying on the kit and equipment used with the APU. There was also an opportunity for the Cadets to look inside an Armed Response Vehicle (ARV) and talk with Officers about their experiences.

For some, the highlight was the Taser demonstration where PC Mann fired a training/demonstration Taser into a target. Tasers were introduced as non-lethal weapons to be used by police to subdue fleeing, belligerent, or potentially dangerous people.

The Squadron’s Officer in Charge, Fg Off Lyndsay McGregor RAF VR(T) thanked PC Mann and his team for giving such an interesting and engaging presentation, giving the Squadron an outstanding insight into the operational capabilities of the Armed Policing Unit.

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