SaBRE Supportive Employers Award at Ceremony of the Keys

Local employers were invited to the Ceremony of the Keys evening where they received awards and recognition of their continued support of the Reserve Forces.

Held at the iconic Tower of London on Monday 24th March, the special event was a chance for SaBRE to gather and celebrate the tremendous support for our Reservists given by Employers.

SaBRE supporters awarded at Ceremony of the KeysSome of the local employers in attendance were Royal Mail Basildon and Braintree District Council who were awarded a certificate of support in national recognition of their commitment to be a Supportive Employer of the Armed Forces Reserves.

Guests were welcomed with a reception and then had the opportunity to explore the famous Fusilier Museum. Finally, they went on to watch the traditional Ceremony of the Keys, a traditional locking up of the Tower of London which has taken place every night for over 700 years.

Congratulations to all those in attendance.

SaBRE supporters awarded at Ceremony of the KeysNow more than ever, the Reserve Forces are an integral and vital part of the UK’s Armed Forces. The support of their employer is essential to enable them to undergo training to achieve the high standards of professionalism required.

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For more information contact Kristina Carrington, Regional SaBRE Campaign Director on contact number: 01245 244817. Or visit the employers page of our website.

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