Norfolk Army Cadet Force boost trained volunteers by 15%

Newly qualified adult instructors stand as a group with their certificates

Seventeen new volunteers have been trained as Sergeant Instructors at Norfolk Army Cadet Force this month; an uplift of 15% to its available manpower.

Our Cadet Executive Officer at Norfolk Army Cadet Force, Major Bob Gibbs, said: “CFAV recruitment and training in NACF is going extremely well at present.” Our RFCA teams embedded in the Army Cadet Forces provide administration of the membership of cadets and the adults who train them, provide logistics of equipment and fleet and clerical support to enable the Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAV) to deliver cadet training.

The newly trained volunteers completed the Adult Induction Training Package – to learn how to train cadets. The package has five parts comprising three induction courses: basic, intermediate and advanced, plus two courses in First Aid and basic shooting and coaching. Most people complete the Package within their first 18-24 months of volunteering as instructors.

The adult instructors will be offered further opportunities to develop their leadership and management skills through the Army Cadet Force. They can choose to train to become an officer or train in specialist areas. The training is either free or heavily subsidised and can lead to nationally-recognised qualifications that are transferable to other workplaces.

The courses ran out of RAF Honington and Beckingham, organised by the HQ Centre Cadet Training Team. Commandant NACF, Colonel Kearn Malin, thanked Captain Granfield and his team for delivering another excellent course to his Adult Volunteers.

The Commandant said: “I’m hugely proud of this latest recruitment achievement. Despite the challenging economic climate we are all living through presently, individuals from all walks of life are still joining this amazing organisation for the right altruistic reasons.”

Norfolk Army Cadet Force operate out of 21 locations managed by East Anglia RFCA. Our dedicated teams work hard to provide safe places and safe equipment for the 130 adults and 590 cadets at Norfolk ACF, so they can offer the best cadet experience for the young people of Norfolk.

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