Chief Executive presents certificate to Army Cadets at Colchester Army Benevolent Fund event

Col Barr-Jones with Colchester Army Cadets holding Cadet Revision competition certificates

Col Leona Barr-Jones presented a certificate to the Colchester Army Cadets at an ABF The Soldiers’ Charity event. The Colchester Army Cadets came third in the country for their fundraising efforts supporting the charity this year.

Col Barr-Jones is a former Commandant of Essex Army Cadet Force and the newly appointed Chief Executive of East Anglia RFCA. She said: ““It was a pleasure to present the ABF Revision Cadet Challenge certificate to Colchester Detachment of Essex Army Cadet Force.  This certificate celebrates their time and effort supporting the ABF in the last year, and they should be hugely proud of coming third in this national competition.”

The Revision Cadet Challenge is a UK-wide competition held every year by the Army Benevolent Fund to recognise those who raise funds towards their work for soldiers, veterans and their families. The competition runs from June to June, and the winner is the detachment that raises the most amount of money for ABF The Solders’ Charity over the course of the year. Detachments register and submit any monies raised towards their total, which is tallied up at the end of the year. The winners are presented with the Revision Trophy at a prize-giving ceremony in London.

Col Barr-Jones with cadet and Cadet Revision Certificate in Merville Barracks Officers' Mess

The ABF event, at which the Army Cadets were presented with their certificate, was an annual curry lunch event at Merville Barracks in Colchester. The cadets assist with marshalling and ushering at the event too, as they have in previous years, and the organisers from ABF said: “All the cadets were very jovial and enthusiastic to get involved. Many supporters commented that it was ‘great to see the youngsters getting involved. The cadets were integral to the success of the curry lunch.”

The cadets also received credit for their support of the annual ABF Christmas Concert in Colchester where organisers said: “the cadets offered another dimension to the event by having a uniformed presence They represented the Essex Army Cadet Force extremely well.”

East Anglia RFCA supports Essex ACF with premises, logistics, fleet and membership administration services across all their 32 locations in the county. Our dedicated teams work hard to provide safe places and safe equipment for the 190 adults and 920 cadets at Essex ACF, so they can offer the best cadet experience for the young people of Essex.

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