Forces Families Federations debunk Armed Forces covenant myths

Suffolk Council’s Military Covenant Board has dedicated a space on their website to videos produced by the Forces Families Federations and the Ministry of Defence Covenant Team.

The series of short videos explains how the Armed Forces Covenant works and is applied by Councils to ensure Service families aren’t disadvantaged by their service.  

This is useful for Service Families who might be asking:

  • Will I only have to pay 50% of my council tax when I’m posted elsewhere in the UK, as we’ll only be using the house when we come back to visit?
  • Will the Armed Forces Covenant allow me to retain my place in the NHS waiting list when I get posted to a new location?
  • Can the Covenant help with the cost of childcare when we’re posted to a more expensive area, like London?
  • I’m separating from my partner; does the Covenant mean the council has to let me onto the housing register even though I don’t have a local connection?
  • Does the Covenant mean I can get financial help to buy my own house?

Visit the page to view all the videos in one place. 

Many councils in East Anglia have a website where they share information on the support they offer to service families and veterans. As well as Suffolk, there’s Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Norfolk , Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, and Thurrock.

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