Cambridgeshire Army Cadet Officer Takes the Lead

For Newmarket environmental consultant Ross Goodband, taking responsibility is all in a day’s work and now the part-time youth leader is all set to go one step further.

At 23, top achiever Ross already has a degree in geology and is a Fellow of the Geological Society working worldwide on environmental field and site surveys with Newmarket based company Arcadis. His daily routine regularly involves conducting studies and producing recommendations on a wide range of health and community infrastructure issues.

What makes Ross extra special though, is that he has just achieved a Queens Commission as a Second Lieutenant with Cambridgeshire Army Cadet Force, leading local young people aged 12 to 18 in activities designed to give them greater opportunities in life.

“The Army Cadet Force provides young people with important life skills in a safe learning environment”, says Ross. “Many achieve meaningful qualifications and employment in the community as a direct result of their cadet experience.”

Ross, who is originally from Leicester and was a teenage army cadet himself for five years, is currently based at the cadet detachment in Rayes Lane, Newmarket. Together with three fellow adult instructors he coaches and trains 25 young cadets in a variety of classroom based and adventurous activities designed to increase their confidence and worth in society.

“Sometimes it can be a juggling act fitting in work and cadet activities, but the rewards are fantastic when you see young people develop into reliable adults ready to take their place in the community,” he says. “Now I am an officer I have a greater opportunity to plan and run challenging activities which also develop personal skills that I can use in the workplace”

Ross’s other interests include computer gaming and paint balling, but his main interest is primarily the cadet force.

“I recommend the army cadet force to anyone from 12 to 65 who is looking for interest, excitement and challenge,” he says. “There aren’t many places where you can get fully trained and earn recognised qualifications free of charge – and most of all make a real difference to the lives of young people.”

Army Cadet Force is Recruiting…
The good news is that the Army Cadet Force is seeking additional adults from all walks of life who share Ross’s passion for assisting young people to achieve. People able to take on the challenge of being an officer are needed throughout the area. No previous military experience or high levels of fitness are required. The ACF needs people with common sense, drive and determination who have the ability to communicate with young people and lead other adults in shaping their future. Benefits include free training and equipment, repayment of expenses and payment for time given. Management qualifications are also on offer, which could also improve personal career success.

For more information about the army cadet force and how you can be part of it call 01223 862949 or visit   

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