Brian Gerrard promoted to Cadet Executive Officer at Suffolk ACF

Brian Gerrard at RFCA AGM

Major Brian Gerrard was promoted to Cadet Executive Officer at Suffolk ACF, having previously held the Cadet Quartermaster title at Suffolk Army Cadet Force (ACF) for 16 years. He said: “I’m hugely grateful to my predecessor, Major Keith Humphrey, for his support over the last 9 years. This is a great county with great people; it’s going to be a good year for the Suffolk ACF community.”

As Cadet Executive Officer, Major Gerrard is in charge of delivering safe people, places and equipment for the adult volunteers of the Suffolk ACF to deliver a cadet experience filled with fun, friendship and adventure to the young people of Suffolk. As a young man, he was a Cadet himself, with Merseyside ACF for 4 years. after which he joined the Royal Artillery where he served for 24 years.

Major Gerrard successfully demonstrated he had all the right skills and expertise required for the role. The position was advertised internally only, and Major Gerrard was well-prepared; he had leaned into all the opportunities offered to him at work, including completing additional safeguarding training, Security Officer training and leadership development.

The Suffolk ACF CQM role, vacated by Brian, has been scooped up by Captain Chris Wilson. Chris was successfully promoted from his role as Cadet Administrative Assistant (CAA) HQ Company for Suffolk ACF. Chris has worked for East Anglia RFCA as CAA in Suffolk for 9 years. He had completed all the essential training for the CQM post recently through work, in preparation for an opportunity just like this. Chris said: “It’s a great feeling to be able to continue to support the CAAs like Brian supported me.” He added: “Brian and I work really well together; long may that continue!”

Brian joined the RFCA as a Cadet Quartermaster in 2007. “Back then, East Anglia RFCA was a different place,” says Brian, “the main difference being that now, we are more of a team across East Anglia, not just separate Counties with a HQ in Chelmsford.  We are all working towards the same goal of supporting reserve forces and cadets within East Anglia. Communication is the key to teamwork.”

Last year, Brian’s long career was celebrated at the RFCA Annual General Meeting, where in front of colleagues and association members, he was presented with a certificate by our Association President, HM Lord Lieutenant of Hertfordshire, Mr Robert Voss.

Captain Brian Gerrard receives a long service certificate for 15 years at the RFCA from HM Lord-Lieutenant of Hertfordshire, Mr Robert Voss
Captain Brian Gerrard (right) receives a long service certificate for 15 years at East Anglia RFCA from HM Lord-Lieutenant of Hertfordshire, Mr Robert Voss

In Suffolk, there are 550 Army Cadets and 129 adult volunteers, dotted around the county in 23 locations. The number of cadets and adults is growing, and it’ll be up to Brian and his team to consistently provide all the administration, logistics, supplies, fleet and financing for Suffolk ACF to continue to grow and thrive.

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