Combined Cadet Force

There are 23 Combined Cadet Forces (CCF) in East Anglia. They are unique extra-curricular partnerships between the schools and the Ministry of Defence. The CCFs comprise at least two wings from the Army, Navy or Air Force and may also have a band.

Within a school a CCF provides a disciplined organisation through which the students may develop qualities of endurance, resourcefulness, self-reliance, leadership, responsibility and a sense of public service through activities that are safe, fun and educational.

To achieve this, cadets join the section of their choice and take part in a range of educational, adventurous and practical pursuits, many with a military theme. This includes map and compass skills, annual camps and competitive sporting events. There is also the option to enrol on various courses such as gliding and power boating.

CCFs give pupils a chance to show their teachers another side of their characters, to think for themselves and to demonstrate their practical skills.

CCFs are only open to the pupils of the school they are based in and many of their adult instructors come from the school staff. They usually meet immediately after school one afternoon a week.