RFCA Members at the AGM 2022 to illustrate RAF Reserves CO can apply for unit administration grant

Apply for a RAF Reserves Unit Administration Grant

If you’re the commanding Officer of a RAF Reserves unit in East Anglia, then you can receive additional funding from the RFCA through the Unit Administration Grant.

The RFCA is allocated funds each year by CS Headquarters RAF Strike Command for the Commanding Officers (COs) of RAF Reserves units in East Anglia.

This is the Unit Administration Grant, and COs can apply directly to the RFCA using the form below. The purpose of the grant is to enable RAF Reserves COs to achieve their recruiting and retention goals, and keep their units in the forefront of local attention. RAF Reserves Units based both inside and outside RAF property are eligible to receive this funding. Details of what the grant can cover are explained here.

The grant can cover items such as: new furniture, recruiting and advertising expenses, the cost of prizes, expenses of the band, improvements to the kitchens or social areas, assistance towards sports, assistance towards additional kitchen expenses at training camp, general services and welfare.

Units can make multiple applications in the same financial year. The monies must be spent in the same financial year, running April to April.

For any grant application, the RFCA will consider the request within 10 days and inform the CO if the grant application was successful.

You must specify which RAF Reserves unit in East Anglia you are applying for.
You need to be the current Commanding Officer of this RAF Reserves unit to apply for a grant from the Unit Administration Fund.
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