Volunteer Treasurer –  Bedford Sea Cadets

Bedford Sea Cadets is seeking a volunteer Treasurer to keep efficient accounts and records of income and expenditure. You’ll be ensuring that all cash, cheques, etc are paid into the unit accounts and recorded in a timely and correct manner. You’ll see to it that bank accounts are only accessible through the signature of at least two trustee signatories. You’ll submit periodically written reports for meetings including income, expenditure, liabilities and balances of all accounts.

A role on a Sea Cadet Unit Management Team could be a perfect fit if you aren’t able to commit to a regular volunteering role, there’s still plenty of ways you can get involved and make an impact – no commitment is too small. You could volunteer in roles such as Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary or Fundraising. These roles are perfect if you’re not able to be at your local Sea Cadets unit every week, or if you have a specialist skill you’d like to share.

Bedford Sea Cadets is a small independent charity that make a significant difference locally to the lives of young people aged from 10 to 18. The charity is entirely self-supporting and the Treasurer is vital to the smooth running of the organisation.

This is a registered charity, number 300002, with an average annual income of £18k and four trustees, none of which receive any remuneration, payments or benefits from the charity.

If you are interested in helping out as Secretary or Treasurer, or in any other way, please contact the Eastern Region Support Manager Caroline Hillman on chillman@ms-sc.org.

Bedford Sea Cadets trustees and cadets at christmas meal

Applications must be received by Monday 1st April at 1200hrs.

Volunteer Treasurer –  Bedford Sea Cadets

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