Shining a spotlight on Cadet Administrative Assistants (CAAs)

Cadet Administrative Assistants (CAAs) are RFCA staff embedded in the Army Cadet Force, responsible for all administration matters and logistics within his/her area. 

The CAAs are full-time employees of the RFCA and are responsible to the Cadet Executive Officers for all administration matters and logistics within his/her allocated Company, or position in County HQ. As a rule, a condition of their employment is to be a member of the ACF to which they support.

In practice, CAAs are much more than the contents of the job description. Generally (but not wholly) from a military background, they bring with them many years of attention to detail, loyalty, experience, and a will to provide the very best service to those whom they support. This is because inherently ‘The Team’ ethos is at their very core, which makes them ideal for role.

A Cadet Company CAA is also the Officer Commanding’s conscience on all matters. They intuitively know and will adhere to what is right and will declare what they know to be wrong, in order to avoid costly mistakes; no matter if this is seen to be outside of their terms of reference. They have no training function (theirs is purely administrative) but will step in where they need to in order to safeguard the interests of their cadets and CFAVs.

They are key individuals valued by all at county and regional levels.

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