East Anglia RFCA selects Monthind for deep cleaning contract

East Anglia RFCA has selected contract cleaning specialist, Monthind Clean LLP to carry out a three-year contract at Army Reserve Centres and cadets sites across the region.

Monthind Clean were successful in their tender to secure the work: local teams from Norfolk, Essex, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire will deep-clean kitchens and remove contaminates from firing ranges bi-annually across 40 RFCA sites.

Founded in 1975, Monthind Clean is a leading independent cleaning contractor with an established reputation for delivering a high standard of cleaning services to a broad customer base. 

“It’s an interesting contract”, explains Ceri Clark, Contract Support Manager at Monthind Clean, “We’ve had to buy in specialist explosion proof vacuum cleaners, and our teams go in in full personal protective equipment. Our job is to seal individual areas and stage clean to remove firing contaminates from the ceilings to the floors and everything in between.”

The East Anglia RFCA is responsible for maintaining safe and compliant buildings for the Reserves Forces and Cadet Forces. This includes the upkeep and day-to-day running of two hundred sites across the region.

Nationally, RFCAs are responsible for the upkeep and development of some 350 Army Reserve Forces sites and 2,300 cadet sites on behalf of the Ministry of Defence. Of primary importance is ensuring every site meets the required legal standard, then working hard to keep the sites in good condition, fit for purpose and secure.

Kevin Humphrey, Estates Facilities Manager for the East Anglia RFCA said: “It’s essential that we work with a company we can trust to remove all the lead contaminates and dust from our firing ranges.”

He added: “The safety of the Reservists and Cadets who use them is paramount, and it relies on an outstanding level of cleanliness that few can deliver.”


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