Cabinet Office publishes second SDSR review with National Security Capability review

Every year in our Annual Report, we share news of our contribution to the Strategic Defence and Security Review 2015 (SDSR 15). 

SDSR 15 was intended to guide the Government’s approach to the country’s national security until 2020, and last July, the Government launched the National Security Capability Review (NSCR) to ensure that the UK’s investment in national security capabilities is as joined-up, effective and efficient as possible, to meet current national security challenges.

The Cabinet Office released the second SDSR 15 Review with the National Security Capability Review last month. 

Highlights for the network of Reserve Forces and Cadets Association members include: 

The review recognises the recruiting and retention challenges in the Armed Forces but remains committed to reaching the target of 35,000 Reservists by 2020. (page 17)

The number of cadet units in schools across the country will expand to 500 by 2020, with 411 cadet units in schools as of November 2017.

The MOD continues to invest in key defence sites and is taking forward plans to reduce the defence estate by 30% by 2040. This will enable the release of land to support the national target for building 160,000 new homes by 2020. Land for 14,000 homes is in the delivery pipeline, from a potential total of land for 55,000 homes already identified.

The fourteenth F35 Lightning aircraft was delivered in 2017, in line with the intent to deliver the two squadron capability for Carrier Strike by 2023. (Featured image: The UK has taken delivery of its 14th F-35B Lightning II )

The comprehensive report covers not only Defence matters, but also National resilience, Economic security and trade, ports and borders, and more. You can read the entire document by clicking here. The original SDSR 15 documents and first SDSR review are also essential reading for all RFCA members. 


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