Army reservist thanks Forces-friendly employer – Reserves Day 2023

Reserves Day 2023

Edward Lewis, an Army Reservist for 8 years, praised Railscape for being a “Forces-friendly” employer.  For Reserves Day 21st June 2023, we recognise and thank Reservists like Edward for their dedication, professionalism, and commitment to serving our country.

Edward explains: “Railscape are a ‘Forces Friendly’ employer in every sense of the word. Recognising the skill sets gained in the Armed Forces, they allow me the flexibility to carry out my Reserve commitments, with the peace of mind that I also remain 100% committed to my role within Railscape”.

Reserves Day 2023

An Operations & Project Manager for Railscape, Edward gives up his spare time to serve in the Reserve Forces, balancing his civilian life with a military career to ensure that he will be ready to serve should the country require him.
Edward is the Commanding Officer of 151 Regiment Royal Logistic Corps. He has been a reservist since leaving the Regular Army in November 2015. After serving a full career in the Regular Army, Edward transferred into the Army Reserve so that he could continue to benefit from learning new skills and play a key part in the Whole Force.

Lt Colonel Edward Lewis explains: “Commanding a Logistic Regiment is a big commitment. Juggling my work life balance is made easier by having a Forces Friendly Employer. Allowing me flexibility around training means that I can lead a force that is ready to defend the UK and its interests. In return, my employer benefits from the free leadership training and nationally recognised qualifications that the Army Reserve offers me”.

Railscape signed the Armed Forces Covenant in July 2021, and received a bronze award by the MOD under the Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS). The Regional Defence Relationship Management team at East Anglia RFCA is a local contact for reservists’ employers, providing free information on the legal rights and responsibilities of employers with regards to employing reservists. The team can explain reserves’ and adult volunteers’ training commitments and how they can affect employers. The RFCA Employer Engagement team and members encourage more employers to sign the Armed Forces Covenant, and support employers in applying for a Defence Employer Recognition Scheme Award.
Contact the Employer Engagement team to start the process of writing and tailoring your Armed Forces Covenant pledge.

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