North of England RFCA

The North of England Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Association  is an ‘arm’s length body’ of the Ministry of Defence (MoD), established by Act of Parliament and charged with giving advice and assistance to the Defence Council and to the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force on matters that concern Reserves and Cadets in the North of England.

By supporting Defence, and as the enabling voice of the Reserve Forces and Cadets in the North of England, we are uniquely able to:

     Reserves:   Champion the value of Reserve service.

     Cadets:    Promote the Cadet experience.

     Community, Civil and Defence Engagement:   Encourage support to Defence.

     Estates:   Provide the best place to work and train.

     Recruitment:  Support Reserves and Cadet recruitment.

     Veterans:   Raise awareness of the needs of ex-Service personnel and their families. 

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