Veterans’ Gateway services directory searched 20,523 times in 2020

Military boots on bitumen to illustrate the Veterans' Gateway

During 2020, the Veterans’ Gateway directory attracted 20,523 individual searches for services.

Key findings from the annual Veterans’ Gateway usage report funded by the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust include:

  • Two thirds of these searches were completed through the mobile phone version.
  • 22% of searches related to ‘Employment’
  • 16% of searches related to ‘Mental Wellbeing’
  • 8% of searches were made in the East of England, a high proportion of which centred around Colchester.

The Veterans’ Gateway launched on 20 June 2017 as the first point of contact for veterans seeking support and their families. Veterans’ Gateway is an online directory of services providing veterans, service families and health and social care providers easy access to thousands of services, which deliver care or support to veterans and service families across the UK.

Before the Veterans’ Gateway, finding the right organisation was tricky and people were put off seeking help if the process involved being passed from one organisation to another. There is a huge network of charities and organisations supporting the armed forces community, all serving different needs and locations. The Veterans’ Gateway has made it quicker and easier to get the right support as soon as possible. On the 1st of January 2021, the directory of services included 16,972 services available to veterans or service families.

East Anglia RFCA supports veterans indirectly through our work with Reserve Forces and Cadets. 

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