Ulysses Trust News

Cadets climbing a rocky mountain on Ulysses Trust Newsletter cover

The Ulysses Trust provides funding assistance to challenging expeditions and adventurous activities involving members of the Volunteer Reserve Forces and Cadet Forces of the UK.

Its latest newsletter is brimming with inspiring words and ideas for reservists and cadets.  

Rex Stephenson CBE, the regional Ulysses Trust representative of Wessex RFCA said: “COVID 19 has put a stop to most of our expeditions in 2020 but this should not stop you from planning expeditions for 2021, especially closer to home in the UK.”

Cath Davies said: “The UK is blessed with a huge range of AT choices that can provide challenges at almost every level, but particularly for cadets.

“Mountaineering, rock climbing, sailing, kayaking, mountain biking and parachuting are just some of the activities that can be undertaken here in the UK,” she added. Lt Col CMM Cath Davies MBE TD VR SCOTS is the Army Cadet Force’s National Adviser for Adventurous Training (AT) and a member of The Ulysses Trust’s Grants Applications Committee. 

The charity is sponsored by the Ministry of Defence. Founded in 1992, it has supported over 2,870 expeditions to the tune of almost £3.3 million. It has set up a new Facebook group, The Ulysses Trust Forum. The aim is to encourage conversations between the Trust and expedition leaders supported by the Trust in the past, present or future. The Trust hopes members will also share posts about any relevant activities relating to planned expeditions (eg training exercises, fundraising days, expedition posts, etc). 

Also on Facebook, the Ulysses Trust is collecting views in a COVID-19 survey
How are units are adapting to the COVID-19 situation and how this is affecting expedition plans for 2020 and beyond?