Ulysses Trust appeal for fundraising

Cadets on an expedition funded by Ulysses Trust

The Ulysses Trust needs you to help support the charity raise more money by signing-up to ‘Give As You Live’.

The Trust provides funding to support cadets and reservists to experience the great outdoors and participate in outward bound style adventurous training in the UK and overseas. Overall in 2019, they issued 100 grants in the UK totaling £235,845 to support 1,865 cadets and reservists to take part in adventurous activities.

In 2019 for East Anglia, the Ulysses Trust issued grants for 8 expeditions, supporting 122 participants to the tune of £21,430. 

essex army cadets climb aboard the plane before skydive22 Army Cadets from Essex, with 3 instructors, were awarded £1,500 to skydive from 4,000ft last summer. 

A dozen Air Cadets and reservists from Essex canoed in the Ardeche region of France, also last summer. 

13 reservists from our region joined a larger group of Army Reserve and RAF Reserve units from all over the UK to go mountain climbing in the Swiss Alps

6 reservists from different East Anglia units completed a skydive in Arizona last autumn. 

8 Cambridge University Air Squadron (CUAS) students went diving in Cyprus. Reservists from the Cambridge University Officer Training Corps trekked in Morocco and went mountain climbing in Slovenia

What’s Give As You Live? It’s is a free service that generates funds for charities via online shopping and purchases.

The important bit is: it costs you nothing, not a penny!

Here’s how it works. Once you’ve joined ‘Give As You Live’, each time you make an online purchase you can choose to make a small donation to a charity at no extra cost to you.

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Supporters are raising between £10-£50 a year just through normal online shopping.

Paul Randall of the Ulysses Trust said: “We want to encourage Reservists, Cadets and their family and friends to sign-up. Also it can be used by businesses when purchasing office equipment, travel tickets etc.”

More supporters = More funds to support expeditions.

Sign-up to ‘Give As You Live’ and help raise money for the Ulysses Trust.