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Volunteer as an Officer Cadet 

The University Officer Training Corps (UOTC) provides students the opportunity to enhance their university experience by offering them an insight into military life.

There are universities throughout the United Kingdom that offer students this unique experience. Within our region is the Cambridge University Officer Training Corps (CUOTC) which takes students from five universities in East Anglia. As well as the CUOTC, there are opportunities with the Cambridge University Air Squadron UAS) and Cambridge University Naval Unit (CURNU).

Students are able to develop valuable leadership skills through the OTC that will benefit their future careers. A taste of military life delivers not only a chance to meet other likeminded students, but an opportunity to improve fitness levels and push you to your limits.

Who can join the Cambridge University Officer Training Corps?


To join the CUOTC you must be a student of the University of Cambridge, Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge campus), University of East Anglia, University of Hertfordshire or Essex University.

The CUOTC has stands at all of the University Freshers Fairs as well as holding two open evenings. All students who express an interest in joining will be invited to attend a basic assessment to determine fitness levels are of a good enough standard to undertake UOTC training. CUAS and CURNU also recruit at the Cambridge Freshers Fairs.

What is the commitment?

Exercise Steel Sabre

The University Officer Training Corps understands that as an Officer Cadet your studies will always come first. Therefore, all training will be scheduled around the academic calendar. Training will take place once a week including some weekend training and an additional two week annual camp.

There is no obligation to move into military service after graduation, however, students who have an interest in pursuing a military career can seek advice and guidance from the Training Officers.

There is no call up commitment; you will not be deployed on active service.

What is the reward for Officer Cadets


Cambridge University Officer Training Corps provides Officer Cadets a chance to gain new and valuable skills that will enhance your CV as well as giving a chance to socialise and meet new friends in an exciting environment whilst being paid for your commitment.

During your first year with the University Officer Training Corps you will earn £39.77 for a full day, this will then rise to £47.19 once you have completed your second year syllabus, with the potential to rise to £63.96 in the third year.

A tax-free bounty is on offer to Officer Cadets who successfully complete 27 days of annual training which includes 15 days of continuous training, known as annual camp.

Year One – £149

Year Two – £175

Year Three – £211

For more information visit the CUOTC website