Royal Marines Reserve

Royal Marine Reserves

As a Royal Marines Reservist you will complete one of the world’s toughest military training courses, passing the same rigorous Commando courses as your Regular counterparts. You will become part of an elite military group and earn the coveted green beret.

There are approximately 600 Royal Marine reservists nationwide, pursuing their civilian careers whilst undertaking the exciting training of Commandos in the evenings and at weekends. Find out more on the Royal Navy website. 

Royal Marines Jungle Training in GhanaOnce trained, Royal Marine reservists can be sent on operations all over the world, from conflict zones, to areas hit by humanitarian crisis. Ongoing and specialist training such as assault engineering or anti-tank warfare will be available.

There is a detachment of the Royal Marines Reserve based in Cambridge. See where they train on Google Maps. East Anglia RFCA has recently installed a new assault course in the Army Reserve Centre. 

Royal Marines Commandos are the UK’s elite amphibious soldiers. Check eligibility criteria on the Royal Navy wesbite. Resources are also provided to help potential applicants get into shape in preparation for the joining process.

Commandos preparing to fire a L118 light gun during Exercise Heiktila.Royal Marines Reservists develop invaluable skills through the unique Commando training. Leadership, self-discipline, self-motivation and teamwork are all attributes that can accelerate a civilian career as well as a Royal Marines Reservist career.

In addition to this unique training, Reservists are paid for each quarter-day of training, plus a tax-free bounty of £395 in the first year rising to £1556 a year after 5 years.

There are 80 different Royal Navy Reserve roles, visit the website for more information