Royal Air Force Reserve

Volunteer as an RAF Reservist

Royal Air Force Reserves work alongside the Royal Air Force Regulars in the UK and overseas. As a Reservist serving with the RAF, you will be able to pursue a civilian career whilst developing new skills in an exciting environment. There are many roles within the RAF Reserve. In East Anglia there are opportunities to join the RAF Regiment who train as infantry soldiers to provide the ground fighting capability and force protection or you can join one of the intelligence squadrons as a Human analyst imagery expert. Alternatively you could join the RAF Reserve Police squadron.

No matter what role you decide is best suited to you, the RAF Reserve is guaranteed to deliver action and adventure into your spare time.

RAF Reservist firing gun

There are five RAF Reserve squadrons in East Anglia:


No 3 (RAuxAF) Tactical Police Squadron at RAF Honnington in Suffolk

2620 (County of Norfolk) Squadron RAuxAF at RAF Marham in Norfolk

2623 (East Anglian) Squadron RAuxAF at RAF Honington in Suffolk

7010 (VR) Intelligence Squadron RAuxAF at RAF Wyton near Huntingdon

Who can join the RAF Reserve?

RAF  Reservist standing by HGV

Roles in the RAF Reserve are available from the age of 18 to 54 years (this limit can be extended if the person applying has previous military experience. You must be medically fit and a UK or Commonwealth citizen and lived in the UK for the past 5 years.

What is the commitment?

The minimum commitment for RAF Reservists is to attend at least 27 days of training. This includes a major training exercise of 15 days continuous training, plus an additional 12 days training throughout the year.

What are the rewards for Reservists?

RAF Reservists with Merlin Helicopter

RAF Reservists are given the opportunity to not only meet new and like-minded people, but to potentially travel the world and develop transferable skills that are valuable to your personal and professional life. As a Royal Air Force Reservist, you will be during your initial training, and once completed, you will be paid a daily rate for each day that you work depending on rank, trade, experience and branch you belong to.

You will also be eligible for a tax-free bounty if you fulfil your training commitments; this currently stands at £436 a year in your first year rising to £1725 after 5 years.

For more information visit the Royal Air Force Reserve website