Veterans’ Gateway success in first year

Military boots on bitumen to illustrate the Veterans' Gateway

Veterans’ Gateway launched on 20 June 2017 as the first point of contact for veterans seeking support and their families.

Before the Veterans’ Gateway, finding the right organisation was tricky and people were put off seeking help if the process involved being passed from one organisation to another. There are over 2,500 military charities alone in the UK, so the Veterans’ Gateway offers one 24/7 contact centre. 

There is a huge network of organisations supporting the armed forces community, all serving different needs and locations, and Veterans’ Gateway has made it quicker and easier to get the right support as soon as possible.

Since its launch, the Veterans’ Gateway has received 320k visits to the website, received 5.4k phone calls, carried out 2.8k Live chats and received 4.7k questions over email. They have built a strong social media following on Facebook and Twitter, with campaigns like “Pension Awareness Day” (September 207), “Squared Away” (January 2018) and “Mental Health and Employability Month” (September 2018). Veteran's Gateway in figures

The top 3 areas of need that the Veterans’ Gateway has been approached about are Finances, Housing and Employment. In order to better support in those areas, the Veterans’ Gateway now employs a Housing Specialist and has improved its housing specialist services provision. 

Veteran's Gateway Advert for Pensions

East Anglia RFCA supports veterans indirectly through our work with Reserve Forces and Cadets. 

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