Uniform to Work Day

Uniform to Work Day is on Wednesday 25th June and is an opportunity for Reservists to promote the Reserves and recognise Reservists and the roles they play both in their communities and work places and in their military service.

By wearing their uniform to work, Reservists will demonstrate visibly their dual roles.

Within the MOD, it is an opportunity for Regulars as well as Reservists to wear their uniform to work and to recognise the role the Reserve Forces play in both the community and the Armed Forces. The event forms part of Armed Forces Day, which this year takes place on Saturday 28 June.

Uniform to Work Day provides an opportunity to recognise the significant contribution and support provided by the families and employers of Reservists. Reservists and their employers are encouraged to get involved and take pride in the achievements of Reservists.

Reservists are encouraged to wear their uniform to their civilian place of work on Wednesday 25 June and should notify their line manager beforehand to ensure there are no objections and that this does not impinge upon their civilian role.

Uniform to Work DayEmployers are being asked to support Uniform to Work Day as the contribution from employers is crucial to the campaign; it is also an opportunity to recognise their significant contribution and support. Reservists can inform their employers of Uniform to Work Day and encourage their engagement by getting in touch below.

Get in touch…
For more information about Uniform to Work Day contact Wing Commander Tracey Broome on telephone number 020 7807 0978 or Rosalie Collis (Reserve Forces and Cadets) on 020 7218 7102 or Jan Kemal on 020 780 78935. Visit the Uniform to Work Day website for more details.

We would like to publish pictures of those taking part on our Website, Facebook and Twitter channels. If you are a Reservist and would like to have your photo included please email a photo of yourself in uniform with your civilian work colleagues to ea-info@rfca.mod.uk, including your name, location, civilian and military roles, and who you work for.

If you would like to share your story as a Reservist whether its an operational experience, a civilian job that contrasts greatly with your military role, balancing your home and Reserve career etc then please contact us on the info email address above.

Looking to join?
The Reserve Service gives Reservists something extra. New skills of benefit to the individual and the employer, personal development and exciting and challenging experiences. Reservists come from every walk of life and from communities throughout the country.

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