The British Army’s latest efforts to improve communications

The British Army has developed a suite of ‘one-pagers’ as part of the effort to improve its communications. 

In the What we do – Facts and Figures area of its website, The Army links to the Army on One Page pdf, the Army in Numbers pdf, and the Commitments update pdf, providing a simple overview of figures, including about its people, their training, where they are and how they’re remunerated. 

In addition to re-introducing its In Front newsletter in a smart phone compatible format, the Army is also posting a monthly update on YouTube as part of its efforts to improve communications. 

In February 2017, the then Defence Secretary Mark Lancaster responded to a written question by an MP about how many media relations and communications staff were employed in his department.  He replied that: “The Directorate of Defence Communications (DDC) in the Ministry of Defence (MOD) Head Office currently has 89 staff employed in media relations and communications role, 19 of whom are military personnel. These roles include, for example, news, campaigns, strategy and planning, digital, and internal communications.” 

He added: “It is important that the work our Armed Forces do to keep Britain safe is communicated effectively. The number of MOD civilian communications jobs has been cut by more than a quarter since 2010.”

There are 500+ posts are in Defence communications and marketing, including recruiting. In addition, the Army is keen to support junior ranks using digital channels in an authentic manner through to senior officers using social media in an official capacity, because the Army recognises social media offers fast, direct communications within its workforce as well as highly effective ways of communicating externally. The Army has produced a #DigitalArmy guide in support of this.

And this month, the Army launched its latest communications campaign, the ‘Your Army Needs You’ recruiting campaign, depicting individuals whose perceived weaknesses are seen as strengths by the Army. See the campaign posters and TV ads on


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