Suffolk’s Police Commissioner, Tim Passmore Signs Agreement with Suffolk Army Cadet Force

Colonel Bob West, Commandant Suffolk Army Cadet Force and The Police Commissioner, Tim Passmore today signed a partnership agreement to deliver the Army Cadet Force Association’s Outreach project to school children from Suffolk.  The project aims to guide crime vulnerable school students onto a more beneficial and fruitful path. 

The project will be delivered by Cadet Force Adult Volunteers and seeks to empower participants with self-confidence and self-belief to become valuable members of the community. 

The participants are taken out of their comfort zone undertaking activities such as living in the field, field cooking, expedition training including navigation and sleeping out under the stars.  Adventure training plays a key role in generating self-confidence and team building.

Tim Passmore said “What a fantastic opportunity for those school children taking part in this project, it has my full support and I look forward to its development”. 

Tim explains, “All too often young people make a wrong choice as a teenager and this limits their choices in the future.”

“By supporting young people to make positive life choices I hope that they will become good citizens and develop qualities that will help them to become more confident and principled adults

“In my police and crime plan I committed my support to young people and I have made it my Passmore Priority for this month. 

“Suffolk is particularly good at volunteering and this is an excellent example of how volunteers contribute to life in our fabulous county.”

If you are interested in finding out more about this project please contact: 
Outreach Project
Suffolk Army Cadet Force
TA Centre Yarmouth Road
Tel:  01473 252562

9th October 2013

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