Peace and Justice – A Conversation

On Tuesday 24th February 2015 at 8pm, there will be an talk on How Best to Maintain Peace and Justice which will take the form of a conversation between two people with different points of view.

Peace and Justice - A ConversationChaired by Canon Nigel Cooper, Anglia Ruskin University Chaplain, also involved in the talks are:

Professor Farah Mendlesohn
Is a historian and Quaker who grew up in a left wing activist household. She took an MA in Peace Studies at Bradford, and wrote her PhD on Quaker Relief Work in the Spanish Civil War. She is now Head of English and Media at Anglia Ruskin University.

Lieutenant Colonel Mark Nicholas
Is the Commanding Officer of Cambridge University Officers’ Training Corps, an organisation which provides leadership development training to undergraduates from across East Anglia.

During the week of this event, an interactive exhibition about the First World War will be on display in the ‘The Street’ in the main university building, near the cafeteria. This event is an initiative of the University Chaplaincy in association with Cambridge Quakers, for Students and Staff of the University and for members of the public. It will also be open from 7pm on Tuesday 24th February, prior to the Peace and Justice Conversation.

Event details…
Room LAB 003 (Lord Ashcroft Building)
Anglia Ruskin University
East Road, Cambridge
Exhibition in foyer from 7pm
Free places for this event can be secured online at or by telephone on 01223 695060.


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