Outcomes of the Positive Pathways Programme consultation published

The Positive Pathways Programme is part of the £10M Veterans Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund.

The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust launched a consultation in late 2018 to help shape this programme, and have now published the findings from the consultation.

124 individuals and organisations responded; the largest category of respondents were from Armed Forces Charities at 23% and there were 26 responses directly from veterans, equating to 21%.

There is broad support that the Positive Pathways Programme should support a range of activities. When asked to consider if it is better to fund more smaller projects or fewer larger projects, respondents preferred that the programme supported more smaller projects. 

Funding for local projects resounded strongly with those who took part in the consultation and being offered a choice came out strongly within free text responses.

There is also particular support for sporting activities and activities where people are outside. 

The report includes the free text responses from veterans suggesting what they felt was important, what would help most.

Positive Pathways programme report published

The consultation findings will be incorporated into the Positive Pathways Programme, which will launch in May 2019. 

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