OBE for Retired Cambridgeshire Army Cadet Force Colonel

Colonel Roger Herriot (retired) who spent nearly half a century in uniform and service to his country has been made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in the Queen’s birthday honours list.

Roger started his life in uniform 1965 as a cadet in the Army section of his boarding schools CCF, Campbell College Belfast. In 1970 he joined the Ulster Defence Regiment and served for six years, witnessing some of the troubles most difficult times.  In 1976 he moved to Cambridgeshire, where he started his long association with the ACF and the Royal Anglian Regiment. In 1980 he left the ACF and joined 6(V) Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment finishing his service as OC HQ Coy in 1989.

Roger then attempted to have some family life but found himself back in uniform in 1993 as OC A Coy Suffolk ACF. In 1998 he resumed his affiliation with Cambridgeshire ACF, taking over as Commandant in 2008. During his tenure as Commandant, Cambridgeshire ACF nearly doubled in strength and several new Detachments were added. Roger is remembered for maintaining the core focus of the ACF whilst embracing new developments. After a lifetime of service this award is a fitting tribute to the legacy that Roger has left and is one that he is justly proud of.

Source: Cambridgeshire ACF

18th June 2013

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