New website improves mobile experience

Created with the user experience in mind, the new website is optimised for viewing on any device, to cater for an increasingly mobile audience.

“It’s the same great content, delivered in a way that’s intuitive and fit for purpose.” said Claire Styles, Communications & PR Manager for East Anglia RFCA

On desktop, the user experience is practically unchanged. It’s on mobile however that visitors to the new website can now enjoy improved navigation & legibility. Visitors accessing from a mobile device have traditionally spent less time on the website than their desktop counterparts. The balance of desktop users vs. mobile users visiting the website is expected to change, to reflect the improved user experience.

Pie chart shows split of sessions by device before new website
Number of sessions by device type before the new website

The main changes include: text that is readable without zooming, content that is automatically re-sized to the screen so users don’t have to scroll horizontally or zoom, and navigation that is easily accessed through an expandable drop down menu.

The digital creative agency Paul & Sam Ltd was selected to update the existing site theme, to enable this improved functionality on mobile. The team at Paul & Sam Ltd were affiliated with Glad Creative, the company commissioned to design and develop this website & theme originally.  The theme is used by other RFCAs across the country. Although the websites evolved subtle differences over the 3 years since their launch, the similarities are still overwhelming between East Anglia RFCA, Wessex RFCA, Highlands RFCA, North West RFCA and Yorkshire and the Humber RFCA

Part of the verification & testing process involved Google’s Mobile Friendly Test Tool, which scores a website based on how user friendly it is. The old site scored a worrying 66/100, but the new site scores a whopping 99/100. Google has started to rank websites that are mobile-friendly higher than websites that aren’t when people search from a mobile device, so this new website is future-proofing the Association against a loss of visibility in the digital arena. 


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