Defence publishes reliable statistics on veterans

The department of Defence Statistics within the Ministry of Defence has published the most reliable statistics on veterans to date. 

 This report used responses to the Annual Population Survey carried out by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in 2017 to gain a better understanding of UK Armed Forces veterans residing in GB.

Approximately 290,000 veterans took part in the Annual Population Survey 2017 so this report provides the most reliable estimates to date of the veteran population in Great Britain.

Insights drawn from the data include demographic and location data at county level, as well as health, employment, education and housing status.

table of number of veterans annual population survey

In 2017, there were an estimated 245,000 veterans in East Anglia, out of 2.4 million UK Armed Forces Veterans in Great Britain. Overall, veterans make up an estimated 5% of household residents aged 16 and over.

The current demographic profile of veterans is a result of the Second World War, and subsequent National Service which ended in 1960, with the last National Servicemen released from the Armed Forces in 1963.

Here are some other note-worthy statistics:

60% of veterans are estimated to be aged 65 and over, and 47% are 75+.

Veterans were as likely to have bought their own home (outright or with a mortgage) (76%) as non-veterans.

Working age veterans were as likely to be employed as non-veterans (79% for both groups).

The full report is available from the GOV.UK website.

RFCA Members are encouraged to nurture a good understanding of the presence & needs of Defence people, mainly of Reserves and Cadet Forces but also veterans, in their counties. This helps the Association  maintain its value to the Ministry of Defence as one of the leading authorities on Defence matters in the region. 

 Anyone with an interest in support to veterans is encouraged to share their view in the  consultation for the Positive Pathways Programme by 15th March.

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