Celebration at Communications Awards

Twelve Air Cadets from 115 (Peterborough) Squadron celebrated after being awarded their Radio Operators VHF/UHF certificates.

Over the past six months, the cadets have been part of the Communications group at the Saville Road based Air Cadets and have been developing their skills within the Comms areas.

There are different stages involved in the Communications awards offered by the Air Cadets. The Provisional Radio Certificate involves the cadets learning the correct radio procedures and then spending a certain amount of time being active on the air waves whilst logging others activity.

The certificates were presented by Flight Lieutenant Stephen Dalton RAF VR(T), Officer Commanding at 115 Squadron.

He said: “It is great to see so many young cadets learning the skills involved with radio communications, they will now have the opportunity to continue with their learning and developing within this area as they progress on to either the Full Radio Certificate or on to the Air Cadet Communications Badge, which means they have completed all of their training within this area.”

Cadets have attended various weekends in which they were able to log up a minimum of 20 hours talking on the airwaves and also 4 hours logging the activity.

Once they have completed the Provisional Certification, they are then able to progress through to the Full Radio Certificate.  This course takes their learning further as they learn the practical element of maintenance of the radios.  More listening and logging is expected of all the cadets whilst they are active on the airwaves.

If you would like information on how to join as a Cadet, help out as a member of Staff or Civilian Committee member visit their headquarters in Saville Road Westwood, alternatively call 01733 380330 on Monday or Wednesday evenings between 7pm – 9pm, or via email, 115@aircadets.org or check out the website.

Image: Cadet Corporal Rowanne Barfield, Cadets Taryn Carnichan, Leah Barfield (L), Hannah Cartmel, Corey Slater, Ryan Kaminski, Elle Mackie with their provisional Radio Operators certificate; Cadet Flight Sergeant Vicky Jackson, Cadets Josh Kelly, Elliot Venmore, Ryan Kaminski, Adam Yallup, Corey Slater and Liam Forrest with their full Radio Operators certificate.

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