Birketts Sign Corporate Covenant at Trinity Park Event

On Wednesday 12th November, SaBRE (Supporting Britain’s Reservists and Employers) held a breakfast event at Trinity Park, Ipswich to highlight the benefits of employing Reservists and encourage businesses to sign the Corporate Covenant.

Birketts, the multi-award winning law firm based in the East of England signed the pledge which supports employees who train and are often deployed as Reservists.

Catherine Johnson, a partner in Birketts’ employment team said: “We are delighted to demonstrate our support for the Armed Forces Community by signing a Corporate Covenant.”

Delegates making their way to view the Apache Helicopter
Delegates making their way to view the Apache Helicopter

Catherine added: “Legislation changes introduced on 1 October have made it far easier and advantageous for organisations to employ Reservists. For example, for eligible employers, payments of up to £500 to the employer for every month an employee is on active service. We wanted to hold an event to highlight the changes and add our voice of support.”

On the day delegates enjoyed the opportunity to see an Apache Helicopter land and also meet Reservists to understand the benefits that their specialised training, including leadership skills, can bring to a business.

Reservist AC Tansey (pictured) is a quantity surveyor in a senior management role and has recently completed the first phase of his training.

Guests also heard from Reservists who combine their commitment as teachers, lawyers, and holiday reps. Despite the diverse range of careers, they were all united in their enthusiasm and passion for life changing experiences and fulfilment that being in the Reserves undoubtedly brings.

Get in touch…
If you are an employer and would like to know more, particularly in relation to the legal aspects of employing Reservists, please contact Kristina Carrington, Regional SaBRE Campaign Director at East Anglia RFCA, who will be happy to work with you on any queries relating to the Corporate Covenant.

Kristina Carrington
Regional SaBRE Campaign Director
Tel no: 01245 244817

For more information on the Corporate Covenant visit our Employer Page.

Main image (From left): Reservist AC Tansey, Jolyon Berry (Birketts), Reservist SAC McKenzie


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