120 Years of Service to Cambridgeshire Army Cadet Force

120 Years of Service to Cambridgeshire ACF by Retiring Members was formally marked at the Combined Messes Dinner held at Woodgreen Conference Centre.

  • Capt Badcock 47 Years
  • Capt Waldman 46 Years
  • Capt Maxwell 18 years
  • SSI Maxwell 9 Years

Retiring Members each received a gift to mark their service with Cambridgeshire ACF.

In addition, SSI R Annis recieved his second bar to his ACF Medal and Sgt A. Smith had a “surprise” with a promotion to Staff Sgt.

Mess4Over 70 Mess Members and Guests enjoyed the splendid room decor with mess silver proudly displayed on each table was the setting for the Combined Messes Dinner. A delicious four course dinner was expertly prepared and served by the Conference Centre staff with background music from our own Corps of Drums.

Col. Martin placed on record his thanks to all Cambridgeshire ACF Adults for the support and dedication given over the past twelve months.

Lt Col ( Rtd) David Denson TD replied on behalf of the Guests with particular reference to the professionalism and value of the Officers and NCO’s in providing the many opportunities to the Cadets. He also acknowledged the support the County gave to the Royal Anglian Regt Association-Cambridgeshire and importance of maintaining the tradition and memory of the Cambridgeshire Regtiment.

Mess13Once the formal proceedings were complete all enjoyed a casino (no money changed hands as just for fun!) and danced to the sound of a disco.

It was an excellent evening mainly due to the efforts of SMI M. De’Ath.

Source: Major Mark Knight MBE


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