Exercise Future Leader

Exercise Future Leader Command TaskExercise Future Leader is a free military-style leadership day for employers to send staff they want to shape into Future Leaders.

Designed for those employees that haven’t yet, or have only recently, taken the step into management, Exercise Future Leader is a free 1 day Leadership Development course led by the British Army Reserve Forces.

Delegates can discover Leadership Theory and Leadership in Practice, in the way the British Army Reserve Forces teaches Leadership. The course is delivered by selected Army Officers, and consists of interactive and engaging sessions in the classroom followed by fun, practical leadership tasks outdoors with a flavour of competition and team building.

A morning of Leadership Theory

This module involves interactive discussion and, learning about Professional Competence, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Innovating and Communication with consideration of individual strengths and identifying areas to focus further development.

At the heart of the Army Leadership Code are seven leadership behaviours developed from the principles of Transformational (also known as Inspirational) and Transactional (also known as Directive) leadership theory. The Army’s Leadership code is underpinned by the three concepts of Vision, Support and Challenge

An afternoon of Leadership in Practice

Projects and practical tasks require leadership, direction and effective management of people and resources. In terms of what Leaders have to do, the Army uses a practical checklist called The Functions in Command. This will be explained and brought to life in a practical, fun and challenging way on the command task area.  

Why are the British Army giving this away for free?

The support of businesses and employers is essential to the success of the Future Reserves (FR20) Programme. FR20 involves growing numbers Reservists, who often have full-time jobs in the private or public sector too. 

By offering this course, the British Army is giving employers an insight into the skills and capability Reservists develop in the Army and bring back into the workplace. This has been proven to improve the relationships between employers and their Reservist employees, and create a more positive environment for both parties. Courses like this have been running for decades, as this YouTube video from the 90’s shows. 

Who can nominate an employee to take part in Exercise Future Leader?

Non-military organisations, big and small, across the full spectrum of business and industry and the public sector can nominate one or more employees to take part in Exercise Future Leader. 

How do I nominate an employee to take part in Exercise Future Leader?

Simply email the Employer Engagement Team  at East Anglia RFCA to register your interest or find out more 

Who can be nominated to take part in Exercise Future Leader?

Delegates do not need to be physically fit, but they will need some outdoor shoes and clothing, a bit of competitive spirit and a willingness to work in a team for the afternoon.

When does the course run?

The last course in East Anglia ran on Wednesday 18th July 2018.

There is usually a maximum capacity of 40 delegates per course. 

To register your interest for a future course, email ea-empsp@rfca.mod.uk or call Kristina Carrington on 01245 244817 .