Archives: March 2021

Heinkel Bomber crashed in Chelmsford
The story of the German bomber that crashed in our office car park

A German bomber aircraft crashed in the grounds of the East Anglia RFCA Headquarters in 1940.The RFCA for East Anglia Headquarters, Springfield Tyrell...

FA Godfrey in Malaya 1951
Colonel Cadets (East Anglia), Colonel Godfrey’s family has three generations of Army and Cadet Service

Colonel Marc Godfrey (Colonel Cadets East Anglia) is one of three generations of Army and ACF officers in his family. His father (pictured above in 19...

ABF Soldiers' Charity Motorbike ride
First fund-raising Motorcycle ride for ABF The Soldiers’ Charity Eastern Region

ABF The Soldiers’ Charity Eastern Region are organising their first Motorcycle Ride, which will be taking place on Sunday 5th September 2021.Sta...

Veterans Gateway
Veterans’ Gateway services directory searched 20,523 times in 2020

During 2020, the Veterans’ Gateway directory attracted 20,523 individual searches for services.Key findings from the annual Veterans’ Gat...

Mark Farrant in the Falklands
One Bedfordshire reservist’s role in Captain Sir Tom Moore’s funeral

Mike Farrant, from Bedfordshire, was appointed as the Counter Terrorist Security Co-ordinator for the funeral of Captain Sir Tom Moore.Mark Farrant is...

Survey on Armed Forces Bill closes on 5th April

The Select Committee on the Armed Forces Bill 2021 launched a survey which will close on 5th April 2021.The Armed Forces Bill will enshrine the Armed ...

screenshot from Zoom of the 58th AGM of East Anglia RFCA
58th Annual General Meeting of East Anglia RFCA

74 Association Members and staff from across East Anglia attended the 58th Annual General Meeting of East Anglia RFCA, held on Tuesday 23rd March 2021...

Front cover snapshot of the Defence Command Paper
Defence Command Paper outlines plans to modernise the Reserve Forces and the Defence Estate

The Government published a Defence Command Paper, Defence in a Competitive Age, on 22 March 2021.The Defence Command Paper follows the publicatio...

Trevor Cox with fellow Adult Volunteers in the Army Cadets Annual Camp in the 70s
Army Cadet, 13, devotes 52 years to the Army Cadet Force

Trevor Cox joined the Bottisham Detachment of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire Army Cadet Force in 1969, as a 13 year-old boy. Now 52 years lat...