Archives: September 2020

Bethany holds her Praiseworthy First aid Award
50 ACFA Praiseworthy First Aid awards for Beds & Herts ACF

Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire ACF have just received their 50th Praiseworthy First Aid award since 2016, the first County to do so.The Army Ca...

13 Year old Army Cadet Frankie Newbatt from Whittlesey displaying the hundreds of cans he has collected
Whittlesey Boy Collects Thousands of Cans for Helipads for Hospitals

13 Year old Army Cadet Frankie Newbatt from Whittlesey is engaged in a huge fund raising project for the charity Helipads for Hospitals.He has success...

Sgt Major Vince Moody laying wreath, with Sgt Adrian Johnson holding the flag.
Army Cadet Force Instructors Commemorate VJ Day in Peterborough

A group of Army Cadet Instructors from the Peterborough area felt compelled to ensure the 75th Anniversary of VJ Day (Victory Over Japan) and the endi...

Reservists soldiers from 124 Transport 151 Regiment Royal Logistics Corps RLC proudly stand beside a giant cheque of money they raised for ABF the Soldiers Charity
Reservists from 124 Transport Squadron fundraise for ABF The Soldiers’ Charity

53 soldiers from 124 Transport Squadron completed their own Nijmegen Challenge, in which individuals marched a total of 1,500 miles over a period 4 da...