Reserves Day 2017

Reserves Day 2017 provides an opportunity for the whole of the UK to celebrate our Reserve Forces, and for Reservists to show pride in their service.

Reserves Day aims to increase recognition and awareness of the Reserve Forces and Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAV) in order to support recruitment, retention and the development of a motivated force.  This year, Reserves Day will take place on Wednesday 21st June.

Reserves Day is now not only a chance for the UK’s thousands of Reservists & CFAV to show their commitment, it is also an opportunity for the hundreds of employers across the country to recognise their Reservist & CFAV employees.

By encouraging employees’ Reserve service, businesses and organisations are contributing to the defence and security of the UK. 

And by taking part in Reserves Day 2017, businesses are encouraging discussion and activities throughout the day that increase understanding of Reservists & CFAV experiences.

For more information visit the Reserves Day website.

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