Norfolk ACF success at Combat Cadet 2019!


During March, Army cadets took part in Combat Cadet; a competition designed for all ACFs and CCFs within the 7 Brigade region.

The weekend involved 18 teams from across the East competing for the coveted Winners Shield. The exercise saw all the teams being thoroughly tested on fieldcraft, navigation, shooting and teamwork. As well as the aforementioned skills being tested, many new skills were being introduced and practiced throughout the competition.

Combat Cadet is a physically and mentally demanding exercise where all teams are constantly under pressure and have to react quickly to sudden, unexpected changes. The exercise included long days with little time to rest and no time to relax.

The Norfolk ACF team all achieved Gold Medals and were presented with the Best ACF Team Cup but narrowly missed out on the Overall Winner’s Shield, which was won by Bedford Modern School CCF.

Col Kearn Malin, Commandant of Norfolk ACF said: “The RSMI and I were feeling enormously smug when the NACF won the ACF Cup at the annual 7X Combat Cadet Competition. Credit to Capt ‘Abe’ Lincoln and his team for their sterling efforts on the day and huge thanks to all the Cadets and CFAVs who took part in preparing them. I would also like to thank all the members of 7X Cadet Training Team for their hard work in organising another outstanding event for the Cadets, the enthusiasm and sheer joy of the Cadets over the weekend was testament to their hard work. Well done to Bedford Modern School CCF for the taking the overall prize…we’ll get you next year!”