Army Cadet Force Volunteer receives Royal Humane Society award

SI Tina Winch Beds & Herts ACF Royal Humane Society

The Royal Humane Society awarded the very prestigious Testimonial on Vellum to SI Tina Winch.

The Testimonial on Vellum is awarded where someone has put themselves in considerable danger to save, or attempt to save, someone else.

Tina came to the assistance of a fellow horse rider who became trapped under a horse. Tina herself was kicked by the horse but was not deterred from trying to prevent further injury to the pinned rider. Tina told another rider to call an ambulance and a vet and to go to the nearby stables a mile away to guide the rescue party to the spot as there was no vehicle access. The emergency services arrived on foot an hour later. The injured rider was taken to hospital. 

The Commandant of the Beds & Herts Army Cadet Force where Tina volunteers, Col. Andrew Every, said: “This was an incredible act of bravery and Tina was injured in the process. Both I and the whole of Beds & Herts ACF are very proud of her. Very well done indeed and a richly deserved award.”

Last year, 15 year-old cadet Courtney Powdrill, also from Beds & Herts ACF, received the same award, the Royal Humane Society’s Testimonial on Vellum for her actions in a stabbing incident.  This year, LCpl Cadet Harrison Wood was presented with the Royal Humane Society Commendation First Aid Certificate by HM Lord-Lieutenant for Hertfordshire

Cadets and Adult Volunteers in the Cadet Forces are often in the news for their selfless and brave acts. That they have access to regular first aid training is only part of why they step forward when others do not. The framework of the Cadet Forces instills a sense of civic responsibility that benefits their communities and our wider society. 

Often they are unsung heroes but anyone can make a nomination to the Royal Humane Society to shine a light on these brave and selfless acts.