East Anglia cadet instructors achieve CVQO-led qualifications

cadet instructors achieve CVQO annual ceremony

Twelve cadet instructors from East Anglia were awarded their certificates at the annual ceremony for adult learners who have completed CVQO-led qualifications.

The CVQO Graduation Ceremony took place in the historic setting of the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst on Friday 14 October 2016 to formally recognise the achievements of youth group volunteers. CVQO has shared pictures of the graduation ceremony, uploaded the programme, and written about the highlights of the event

CVQO Chief Executive Guy HorridgeCVQO Chief Executive Guy Horridge said: “For our graduates here today to find the time to do any of these qualifications where most have a busy work life, home life and cadet life is nothing short of amazing.  But what is really fantastic is that each and every one is setting a great example to the cadets to show them that learning can be fun and also very rewarding.

He added: “What they are doing is not just helping young people make the best of their lives, but also helping to create role models for the future and both of those I would suggest are essential for our country to succeed.”

Guy, the graduates and their friends and families were joined by prominent figures from the military and cadet world, including Lieutenant General Richard Nugee, Major General David McDowall, Commodore Jonathan Fry, Brigadier Matthew Lowe and Colonel Murdo Urquhart.


CVQO is an education charity offering vocational qualifications that recognise the work of adult volunteers within youth organisations. 

There are four levels of CVQO-led City & Guilds Professional Recognition Awards (Licentiateship, Affiliateship, Graduateship and Membership), each intended to recognise increasingly senior experience levels. 

Receiving a City and Guilds Level 4 Licentiateship in Leadership and Management (LCGI) from the East Anglia region were:

Matthew MILLER LCGI – Norfolk & Suffolk Wing Air Training Corps

David MILLS LCGI – Norfolk Army Cadet Force

Julie WITNEY LCGI – Essex Army Cadet Force


Receiving a C&G Level 5 Affiliateship in Leadership and Management (AfCGI)  from the East Anglia region were:

cadet instructors achieve CVQO karen-barfield-afcgi-beds-and-cambs-wing-atcKaren BARFIELD AfCGI – Bedfordshire & Cambridgeshire Wing Air Training Corps

Ashleigh HARVEY AfCGI – Essex Wing Air Training Corps



Receiving a C&G Level 6 Graduateship in Leadership and Management (GCGI)  from the East Anglia region were:

cadet instructors achieve CVQO Gary Tooey Essex ACFNigel PARRY GCGI – Cambridgeshire Army Cadet Force

Gary SPIERS GCGI – Essex Wing Air Training Corps

Garry TOOEY GCGI – Essex Army Cadet Force



Receiving a C&G Level 7 Membership in Leadership and Management (MCGI) from the East Anglia region were:

Miranda MILLS MCGI – Essex Army Cadet Force

Peter MILLS MCGI – Essex Army Cadet Force

Achieving a Level 6 Professional Recognition Award (GCGI)m, 



The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) are the largest providers of leadership and management qualifications in Europe.

Receiving a ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership & Management from the East Anglia region were:

Samantha GILBY – Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire Army Cadet Force

Simon TAYLOR – Essex Wing Air Training Corps


Have you thought about getting one of the qualifications available to Cadet Force Adult Volunteers?

Cadet instructors achieve CVQO qualifications by demonstrating their knowledge and skills in a portfolio of evidence – essentially writing coursework. There are no examinations or tests involved.

If you’re an Army Cadets instructor, you might already know that CVQO has partnered with the Army Cadet Force Association to create a two-year bursary fund for Army Cadets volunteers to complete City & Guilds qualifications led by the charity. There are four bursaries available per county and nominations can be submitted through either CEOs or Commandants, who will then be able to recommend learners for the Awards.Other offers such as discounted rates and rebates are also available. 


Could Cadet Force Adult volunteering be for you?

The success of the Cadet Forces is greatly dependent on the volunteers who support them.

Being a Cadet Instructor is a great opportunity to experience something new & different, with chances to achieve qualifications in First Aid, diplomas and graduate level qualifications in Public Services through the BTEC scheme as well as the CVQO-led qualifications highlighted here.

As well as training in all the activities that cadets take part in, Cadet Instructors can also hone skills in leadership, management, administration, communication, teamwork, decision-making and influencing. 

 All while offering young people opportunities that may not otherwise be available to them. 

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