Air cadet gets her pilot licence at 18

Air Cadet CWO Emelia Jones gets her pilot licence at age 18

Emelia Jones, an RAF Air Cadet from 1483 (Brentwood) Squadron has passed her pilot licence at age 18.

Emelia Jones speaks at the East Anglia RFCA AGM

Emelia Jones speaks at the East Anglia RFCA AGM

Cadet Warrant Officer Emilia Jones is a strong ambassador for the RAF Air Cadets. At the Oyster Feast in Colchester in October, she spoke about her experience as a cadet to 300 people “with poise and charisma and was spellbinding.  With no sign of nerves.” said Baroness Jenkin of Kennington. 

Emelia has also spoken about her RAF Air Cadets experience at 10 Downing Street, the House of Lords, and last but not least the East Anglia RFCA AGM. 

In an interview with Essex Live, she said: “I’m quite a short girl and I’m obviously young, so a lot of them don’t believe me. It’s quite nice to change people’s ideas of who a pilot can be.”

Her squadron leader, Flt Lt Martin Adams RAF Air Cadets, Officer Commanding of 1483 (Brentwood) Squadron said: “We are very proud of Emelia, of what she has accomplished and given back to our Squadron.”

Wing Commander Deborah Robinson of the Essex RAF Air Cadets agreed: “She really is an amazing young lady who has embraced all the Air Cadets can offer.” 

Emelia herself says: “Since joining the Air Cadets, I have gained so much. I started off as shy immature little girl and now I am confident to say I am a mature young woman with ambition and drive.”

“I was given the opportunity to change my life and partake in events and activities I never even considered. I have attended 18 camps, including overseas trips to Belgium, Sweden and Florida. I have visited many RAF bases and air shows. Gained various qualifications and skills from a number of adventure training activities. Qualified as an Aerospace instructor. Made a difference to the wider community with all the charity work I have partaken in and gained my silver Duke of Edinburgh and almost my gold. And these are just a few of them.”

Air cadet Emelia Jones gets her pilot licence at age 18

“But by far my greatest achievement within my cadet career is receiving my full private pilot licence (PPL) funded completely by the RAF Air Cadets and other organisations that work closely with it.”

“Not only that, I have been awarded another scholarship due to being within the top 3 air cadets completing their pilot licence that year. I will be completing it in summer 2019 for another 10 hours towards any training of my choice back at Tayside aviation.”

“As a result of the past 5 years of my life, my ambitions are all within the aviation industry. I am currently employed by British Airways as cabin crew, with the goal of eventually working my way to become a commercial pilot. I would like to be an RAF pilot but at present I aim to build up my life experience and apply at a time when I am confident that I am ready.”

Being part of the RAF Air Cadets can offer challenging and enjoyable activities as well as skills for life, for young people as well as for adult instructors. Find out if there’s a squadron near you